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Luke Kish is a 23 year old thought leader and entrepreneur. His curiosity towards life combined with a love for the game of business allowed him at an early age to build a world wide sales team that produced $20,000,000 in revenue — all before the age of 22. With an obsessiveness to understand life and the way things work, Luke has immersed himself with vast amounts of knowledge, and received mentorship from the likes of Bob Proctor. Luke’s goal is to push his personal boundaries, continue his success as an entrepreneur, and further his role as a guiding voice for millennials who think outside the box.

Luke Kish

Luke Kish has the steadfast confidence and passion necessary for any successful leader. His mantra, “Think With Me”, is a direct representation of his approach to any situation in life. Luke studies, collaborates, implements, and reflects with his team around him to achieve the best result.

Michael Spitzelberger – CEO/Founder of The CSD Group


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